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Wayfinding and Directional signs not only help your visitors, guests, and employees, but they also help your audience connect the dots to reach their destination quickly and safely, while providing important information about your facility.

A successful wayfinding system helps people find their way around by placing consistent directional signage at strategic locations throughout your building. By following 3 C’s: Color, Consistent Branding, and Continuity, your wayfinding system is sure to operate flawlessly.

Designing Effective Wayfinding Signage:

  • Keep it simple and uncluttered. Provide a clear message on where to go.
  • Signs should be universally understandable within seconds. Colors, shapes, and symbols provide visual communication to provide directional and regulatory information for people of all abilities.
  • Continuity is key – signage should be placed at regular intervals to keep people on the right track.
  • Be consistent in typography (we recommend sans serif), type height, icons, grid design, color and material choice.

Marketing.com’s sign experts will work with you to customize and implement an entire wayfinding, directional and informational signage system for your business. Taking your needs and your brand’s personality into account, we develop a tailored, functional system that will show off your brand while enhancing the overall look and feel of your business’s locations.

Let us connect your audience to your business through crafting, building, and installing a professional wayfinding system that will enhance your brand and keep your visitors on the right path.

Connect with a Marketing.com wayfinding and interior signs systems expert today!

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