A warehouse is more than just a place to keep your inventory; It’s the vital control center that makes sure your inventory is always correct, always protected, and always ready to be efficiently packed and shipped. Centered around technology, Marketing.com utilizes our technology plus the power of our people to provide total inventory management for all our customer fulfillment needs.

When Marketing.com handles your warehousing needs, our network of secure (Secure 360) warehouse operations deploys automated processes to manage large-scale fulfillment and distribution programs. We are experts at high-volume, inserting, collating, print-on-demand, hand labeling, and pick & pack. These operations are efficiently carried out throughout our network of RF-enabled fulfillment and bar-coded warehouses.

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Inventory Management

Marketing.com manages your inventory so you always have the promotional and marketing products on hand when you need them. We monitor your demand cycles, ensuring materials are not out of stock, especially during busy seasons. When your inventory is ready to ship, we’ll smoothly track and capture inventory data.

Kitting & Assembly

Marketing.com expertly assembles your promotional and marketing materials flawlessly and efficiently, ensuring that everything you send arrives on time and looking just the way you want it. We streamline the packing process to avoid errors and reduce the time it takes to organize and pack your inventory into kits. You’ll turn around orders faster and save on shipping costs.

Quality Control

Marketing.com understands that your business is judged based on the appearance and quality of your material and the promptness of their delivery. Our quality control procedures prevent damage from heat, humidity, or mishandling. Our warehouse facilities are air-conditioned, clean, safe, and secure 24/7. When we handle your warehousing needs, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your materials are in pristine condition.

Measuring Success

Marketing.com’s through-channel marketing automation platform DotTM, sits at the center of everything we do, powering cross-channel marketing campaigns and making managing your programs easy. DotTM provides access to real-time detailed reports on inventory, materials usage, order activity, and shipping costs, with full dashboard access to the data. This offers efficient tracking and flow of products from the shelf, through shipping and proof of delivery. We’ll help you review supply chains and find efficiencies that reduce waste, resulting in cost savings throughout your inventory management process.

Distribution and Shipping

Marketing.com’s international network of warehouses and distribution facilities means we’re never too far from your customers. You’ll enjoy great rates with national carriers and benefit from economical shipping rates no matter the destination.

We've Dot You Covered

Dot™ is our revolutionary, built-from-the-ground-up SaaS omni-channel marketing platform. Designed with your dots in mind, Dot™ is the ultimate tool for keeping your business running smoothly.

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