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Meet Dot

Dot is our revolutionary, built-from-the-ground-up SaaS omni-channel marketing platform.

Designed with your dots in mind, Dot is the ultimate tool for keeping your business running smoothly.

Don’t piece together multiple vendors, agencies or incompatible systems with manual processes and no visibility on ROI! Experience a fully customizable, integrated, branded-just-for-you dashboard on an unbeatable platform where you can manage every facet of your print and digital marketing campaigns all in one place. Our vendor integrations are top-notch, outperforming the competition while keeping your costs in check.

Dot is a through channel marketing platform that sits at the center of everything we do at Marketing.com.

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Dot offers a single login platform with access to:

  • Local Listing Management
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Asset Management
  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Reviews
  • Promotional Products
  • Online Ordering & Fulfillment
  • Print & Digital Campaign Tracking & Analytics

Powered by the support of our expert customer success team, Dot helps you connect the dots to every aspect of your business – from printed marketing collateral to inventory tracking to customizable storefront solutions or social media campaigns that are as unique as your business.

Campaign Management

Printed Materials
Social Posts
Email Campaigns
Inventory Merch

Brand Compliance

Rules Based
Approved Guidelines


Micro-Services API
Vendor Integration
External Data

Collaboration and Workflow

Pre-Buy Campaigns
Artwork Proofing
Inventory Replenishment
Order Item Approval

Analytics Dashboards

Detail Order Reports
Track Marketing Campaigns
Real-time Inventory

We’ve "Dot" You Covered!

Dot was built with your dots in mind. We know that every client has different marketing needs, different target audiences, different Dots. Dot’s got you covered! All types of marketing materials can be managed and delivered through Dot allowing for automation, sequencing, and measuring the interaction that your customers have with all marketing materials—to provide you with better insight, marketing funnel performance comparisons, and the ability to optimize marketing return.

With 5 pricing tiers to pick from, Dot works for business (and budgets) of all sizes!

Our SaaS marketing platform enables businesses to reach customers across multiple channels ensuring that your business is reaching your target audience wherever they are searching. Dot’s focus is to prepare assets, create workflow and approval processes, manage campaigns, and provide analytics.

Full Integration for Multi-Touch Campaign Management

We want you to actually like using it so we made it as user-friendly and flexible as possible so you can customize everything exactly the way you need it! Dot offers full access and control of all your marketing resources and materials and the ability to grant access to specific users or user groups to order from approved templates, guidelines, collateral, and promo items all through a powerful, user-friendly portal. Dot is a centralized spot for marketing teams, taking valuable data and transforming it into actionable intelligence, empowering you to effortlessly launch engaging omnichannel campaigns across print, digital, and social media platforms.

Your business likely has several internal systems already in place. Dot integrates seamlessly with those internal systems to connect with your vendors, CRM systems, billing software, automation platforms, and analytics tools. With hundreds of top-brand integrations available, your business will run seamlessly with Dot as your hub.

Customizable Analytics Dashboards and Reporting

A single log-in gives you full access to reports from all your print, digital, social media, and ecommerce marketing channels - all in one place! With customizable analytics dashboards, Dot makes it easy to track and manage your marketing efforts across all channels. Robust reporting features give you the power to examine the automation, sequencing, and interaction of your marketing campaigns, providing real-time insights, performance comparisons, and ways to optimize your marketing return. Instantly identify what's working and what could be tweaked for even better results.

User-friendly Responsive Interface

We saved the best for last because the last thing you want is some fancy technology that you can’t navigate. Remember, we want you to use it! Dot has an intuitive and easy-to-use, mobile-responsive (yes, mobile-responsive) interface that allows you the user to quickly navigate and access the features you need. Dot features custom navigation and filter options, ecommerce user interface, and CMS pages to meet any of your workflow needs.

Dot is a comprehensive, technology-centered, people-powered platform that seamlessly connects the dots across all your marketing channels.

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