From click to print and everything in between, knows not every project is the same, and that not every audience needs the same information. One of the ways that we connect the dots of our clients’ marketing projects with their audience is through print on demand (POD). With the option to print variable information on demand, POD provides a custom project that is tailored to your target audience through personalized names, addresses, and geomarkers without any additional cost or effort.

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Print on demand allows you to print small quantities of materials without the need for large print runs. This is made possible by digital printing, which prints each copy individually. Unlike traditional offset printing, which requires a minimum print quantity to be cost-effective, print on demand is flexible and allows you to print as few or as many copies as you need.

Print on demand is the secret weapon to the marketer. By printing shells of products through commercial printing, we can store and fulfill them when needed and utilize print on demand to add the variable elements, thus eliminating the cost of personalization while maintaining the high quality!

  • Combining variable data to your print project allows you to connect marketing efforts with your audience on a personal level, which can in turn increase response rates.
  • Reduce obsolescence and storage costs by producing exactly what you need, when you need it, in a customized form for your audience.
  • Enable quick online ordering through DotTM, our marketing SAAS platform that controls your branding and customizes materials, providing real-time visibility into orders and delivery of brand assets to your audience.

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