Rallying voters to support your cause and candidate places a premium on the political printing service you depend on. You need a print partner who understands the intricacies and regulatory limitations of political print marketing and can meet the challenges, tight budgets, and deadlines you face every day. Marketing.com is your single resource to produce your full range of print marketing collateral and help you manage the print-integrated, multi-channel media campaigns that power your political campaigns and win votes.

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Our team of multi-touch marketing experts take the worries out of developing political print campaigns that seamlessly adapt demographic messaging and recruit supporters at every stage. We work closely with you from the moment the campaign hits the ground until election night and provide fast and quality service when you need us.

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We understand that political campaigns can be long and demanding operations with scores of moving parts in an ever-shifting landscape. Let us help you make a great impression every time you appeal to constituents and expand your message across multiple locations with a strategic mix of direct mail, printed collateral, digital marketing, promo, and signage.

As a long-time leader in the political print industry, our experienced print teams understand the complexities and time sensitive nature of the materials you produce and distribute. The program model at Marketing.com delivers high volume and fast turnarounds, as well as focused program management and distributions with real-time metrics.

We specialize in creating a diverse range of materials tailored to appeal to all types of voters, ensuring maximum engagement and impact. With our targeted data-driven direct mail services, we can send postcards and brochures directly to specific demographics, helping you reach your target audience with precision. From flyers and signage to canvassing literature and door-hangers, we offer a full suite of materials to support your campaign or fundraising efforts.

For maximum impact, we have solutions for a multi-channel campaign marketing approach that combines print with digital and social media that is centered around technology and powered by our people. By leveraging digital data and analytics, you can tailor messaging to align with individual preferences. You can take that data a step further to build lookalike audiences that match segments of your audience with retargeted messaging. Tying a personalized direct mail communication with digital integrations take your data one step further to allow you to create an environment of engagement with your voters. Let us help you connect the dots and redefine the way you get out the vote.

Our industry leading commercial print and large format capabilities allow us to produce high-quality materials at scale, while our in-house mailing, shipping, and distribution services ensure timely delivery of your political message. With full-service union printing available within our platform, we offer union bug production from start to finish. Additionally, our secure in-house facility and protocols ensure your sensitive campaign materials are protected at all times.

We’ve Dot™ you covered

Dot™ is our revolutionary, built-from-the-ground-up SaaS omni-channel marketing platform. Designed with your dots in mind, Dot™ is the ultimate tool for keeping your business running smoothly.

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The Benefits of Our Experience

We Are...

political print industry veterans who provide skills, consultation, and support.

We Offer...

complete political print production through one vendor with multiple locations across the U.S.

We Provide...

networked facilities with union production capabilities that allow for simultaneous print, signage, promotional items, and fulfillment in multiple states with brand consistency.

We Maintain...

your voice and brand to build trust and keep messaging consistent across all of your marketing and promo engagements.

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