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Marketing.com connects the dots to create memorable corporate gifting, employee swag, and promotional marketing programs that are as unique as your organization.

A successful corporate gifting plan or employee loyalty gifting program is about more than the gifts you give to your staff, customers, and clients. It requires planning, narrowing choices from endless gift options, adding customized and personalized messaging to promotional products, and streamlining the logistics of ordering and distribution of gifts and employee swag boxes through a single source marketing platform for greater control and visibility.

Marketing.com helps your company match your gifting and promotion plan to your budget and provides outstanding service at every stage. With a wide range of gift and promotional products, commercial and digital printing services, and warehousing, kitting and fulfillment expertise, we handle every aspect of your corporate gifting and employee reward programs; from gifts and promo items, printed cards and messages, to storage, custom kitting, and distribution. Through our SaaS marketing platform, DotTM, you’re able to manage your inventory and track data analytics so promotional and marketing inventories never grow low, especially during busy seasons.

Marketing.com’s commercial print services allow you to place your logo on practically any material or object for wider white label opportunities to spread brand awareness in new, fun, and memorable ways. Adding a personalized message with variable data printing to employee swag boxes and loyalty gifts or letting them order through customized online "pop-up stores" is a simple and easy way to reiterate the “thanks” to employees and valued customers.

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Marketing.com is the company to make your promotion kit giveaways standout and spread the word about your company.

Corporate gifting programs enhances relationships and, when applied with a strategic marketing approach, can increase your company’s visibility and reputation with your audience.

By offering loyalty gifts to customers who are repeat purchasers, you can increase the likelihood that those customers will continue to do business with you in the future.

Employee gifts are a way to say “thanks” to the people who mean the most to your business. Gifts in the form of swag and custom promotional items resonate with employees and are a coveted item in the workplace!

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