Everyone likes to be recognized when they get their dots in a row. When that recognition comes in the form of a gift, the effect lasts long after the moment. Celebrating employee work milestones and achievements boost morale and company culture. Employee gifts are a way to say “thanks” to the people who mean the most to your business. Gifts in the form of swag and custom promotional items resonate with employees and are a coveted item in the workplace!

Marketing.com can connect the dots of your employee swag needs with custom promo boxes ensuring that employees feel the love. We help you build and deepen the relationships between employee and organization and foster employee engagement. Promo boxes help to build a cohesive culture. Bonus: company promo items are versatile - they offer an additional way to market your business! When employees are engaged through swag items, they often become effective ambassadors for your brand.

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While many employees love custom swag items, not everyone reviews the distribution of custom promo boxes as a positive experience. We got you covered! Marketing.com’s tailored solutions offer a gifting and promo options, as well as personalized messaging, online store ordering, and custom kitting, fulfillment, and packaging. All from a single source.

Marketing.com can place your logo on practically every material or object, which gives you a wide range of opportunities to use your brand. Custom printed boxes add a little extra fun and excitement to the gift. Adding a personalized message in your custom swag box is a simple and easy way to reiterate the “thanks” to employees.

Gifting options are endless: we offer a variety of Made-in-the-USA items ranging from vegan leather goods and high-end candles hand poured in Clarksville, MO to customized products such as apparel, pens, tumblers, or tech equipment.

Our innovative software and efficient packing services assemble and send your gift on its way with accurate packing and streamlined delivery services so that the distribution of your swag boxes is the least of your concerns. Through our SaaS marketing platform, dotTM, we tailor “pop-up stores” that allow your employees to select their gift online, providing you with full visibility and data on the interaction. The site is available for a pre- determined timeframe to ensure that gifts are ordered when you would like to distribute.

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Dot™ is our revolutionary, built-from-the-ground-up SaaS omni-channel marketing platform. Designed with your dots in mind, Dot™ is the ultimate tool for keeping your business running smoothly.

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