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Everyone has different dots; different needs; different sizes. Signage is no different! Marketing.com’s flex face signs take signage to a new level: BIG. Flex face are your Super-Size signs. You typically see these types of signs on top of large outdoor poles – for instance, picture driving past an interstate exit at night and seeing illuminated signs for hotels and restaurants at the end of the off-ramp.

Flex face signs are made up of flexible PVC that is similar to the skin of a drum. In fact, our signage experts refer to the sign face as a “skin”. PVC is durable, dirt resistant, and has a smooth, shiny surface. Produced on exclusive grand format equipment, the flex face sign can be printed as a single piece, that is stretched across a frame and clipped into place. If backlighting is used, the result is a shiny, vivid illuminated sign that is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and can be seen for miles.

Pros of Flex Face signage:

Exceptionally durable and versatile

Indoor and outdoor

Quick turnaround – quick and easy to produce

Easily changed out (vs acrylic or aluminum signage)

Brightly illuminated for optimum nighttime visibility

Big impact at less cost

Ability to print BIG

Flex face signage does require professional installation; this is not a DIY job as it requires stretching of the PVC along with special tools and equipment to attach the skin to the frame. Fortunately, Marketing.com has professionals on staff and we will ensure that your flex frame signs are safely and properly installed!

Flex Face Sign

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