Cause marketing demonstrates your company’s commitment to social good with the added benefit of potentially increasing awareness and revenue through a relationship that is mutually beneficial to the business, customer, and cause-centered initiative. Taking a stand for a cause can draw attention to your business and set it apart from competitors in your same field, directly appealing to your more conscientious and compassionate customers. In several studies, anywhere from 50-90% of customers said that they would prefer to patronize a business that supports a cause if they provide comparable service at a similar price point. If this is to be believed, you could substantially increase your customer base without even having to radically alter your approach, as aligning your business with a common-sense good cause will attract attention on sheer principle alone. In addition to the increase in traffic cause marketing can offer you, it is also your chance to invest more of yourself and your personal values into your business. Cause marketing is an opportunity for you to ask yourself how you can leverage your business to help with the causes you care about. By aligning your business with a cause, your business becomes bigger than a mere participant in your industry. The work you do in pursuit of your chosen cause will impact the legacy of you and your business, allowing you to make a positive difference that ripples throughout your community and beyond. A successful marketing campaign is great, but it can be even better when it helps to improve the world we live in through charitable social initiatives.

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