The best place to put signage is where it will get the most visibility and communicate information effectively based on the intended purpose of the sign. Knowing where that is, requires an understanding of your objectives and an understanding of your students, faculty, staff, delivery personnel, and visitors’ activities on campus. Signage can attract, promote, guide, protect, and engage your audience. You can put signs practically anywhere, outside or indoors. Urban settings are ideal places to post humongous signs on the sides of buildings as both marketing and directional signage. Smaller schools may rely on monument signs, banners, or building façade signs to attract attention. Much of your traffic may be in unfamiliar surroundings and they’ll be relying on your signage to help them navigate and stay safe. Signage should always be placed where it can be easily seen, especially if its purpose is to provide emergency or safety guidance and help people navigate across campus with ease. Interior signage should be placed at hallway intersections, at stairways and elevators, and outside classrooms and bathrooms. Signage should also always be compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and regulations. Where you put your signs is an important factor in the campus experience and a major contributor to the satisfaction of everyone on campus.

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