If you are a small business looking for clever ways to market yourself, there is no shortage of the approaches you can take to attract and engage customers. You can use traditional marketing tactics like direct mail or connect to customers using blogs, infographics, and video clips over the internet. Ideally, you should consider a combination of both to set yourself apart from competitors in your industry. Regardless of method, the goal is to establish what makes you different in tone and style in order to create a memorable impression on your customers. Budget is always a consideration so consider adding search engine optimization (SEO) or an email marketing campaign into your efforts. The former is a key consideration for any entity doing business these days, as tweaking your SEO can significantly increase your web traffic and awareness of your brand. The latter is more targeted and thoughtful, as you will be appealing directly to people who have volunteered their personal information to you. Both can be initiated at a low cost. As you seek to grow your small business, you will have to maintain the balancing act of expanding your reach while maintaining your relationships with past and recurring customers. Your marketing campaign should continually evolve to make the greatest impact through the most efficient and effective methods available. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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