Companies often rely on a commercial printing company to provide cost-effective and efficient ‘pick and pack’, assembly and kitting fulfillment services for a complete and integrated commercial print marketing solution. From start to finish, print fulfillment combined services save companies money on the warehousing, equipment and mailing costs required to send items to their targeted audience in a quick and effective manner. Print fulfillment services vary, depending on the amount of labor involved and the size of the order. ‘Pick and Pack’ fulfillment is used to complete orders that are singular and vary in content. Often originating from online stores or customers with multiple locations, this fulfillment method requires workers to combine, or ‘pick’, products from several boxes and ‘pack’ them into a box for shipment. Kitting fulfillment is similar to ‘pick and pack’ except of being prepared to complete a single order, items are packed ahead of time with pre-selected items and quantities until needed.

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