Marketing process automation refers to a broad range of software and processes that handle the repetitive tasks involved in creating and managing a multi-channel marketing campaigns without human interaction. Given the complexities involved with coordinating print, email, and social media campaigns, and the vast amount of data that needs to collected, analyzed, and optimized, marketing automation helps businesses streamline marketing efforts and allocate resources more efficiently through access to better information and holistic view of marketing campaign performance.  Automated marketing platforms like’s Dot™ allow for the simplified management of content, data, and analytics and harnesses innovative technologies to create campaigns and promotions that get results There are six common types of marketing automation processes which businesses can use to personalize and scale campaigns to provide a better experience for customers and nurture and convert prospects at key touchpoints along their journey.  These include software systems and platforms that: automate email campaigns from onboarding to re-engagement to reduce shopping cart abandonment; manage social media posts and reporting; handle advertising automation; oversee lead generation and prospect nurturing with CRM automation; generate reports with analytics automation; and organize and segment customers based on shared traits with segmentation tools. Regardless of size, marketing automation helps businesses realize higher conversion rates with more personalized messaging, avoid waste and repetition common in unfocused campaigns, have every resource available and delivered at exactly the right time, increase employee productivity, and receive accurate data for informed decision-making.

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