Event marketing is the creation of an event for the purpose of promoting a business, product, or service. Events can be in-person or online, but the limited-time nature of the event creates added incentive to attend, while the event itself is meant to make a stronger, more memorable impression upon attendees of the event. Event marketing can consist of exhibits, displays, presentations, or other social activities with variable levels of interactivity. While more traditional marketing methods reach out to people in the hopes of converting them into customers, event marketing is meant to bring people into the experience and immerse them in a unique, brand-oriented spectacle. These events create opportunities for attendees to network while engaging more directly with your brand in ways that feel more personable and targeted than your standard marketing campaign. Events present a great way to reinvigorate your brand image by promotion before, during, and after the event, increasing awareness, creating new opportunities, and highlighting the debut of a new product or service. While these events may be more elaborate and costly to put together, research shows that the return on investment for these events is well worth the effort. While event marketing has often taken the form of conferences and seminars, evolving technology is also creating opportunities for these events to be fully digital or a hybrid of digital and in-person. Digital events allow for greater attendance figures with their ease of access, while hybrid events retain that same accessibility while also retaining the enthusiasm of in person events. The type of event you put on will vary with your business, capacity, and experience with hosting events, but a marketing event is sure to benefit your business no matter what shape or form you choose.

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