Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people through email. Email marketing strategies are usually seeking to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness through targeted messages and promotions. While these marketing campaigns are often in the interest of driving sales, they also serve to foster the connection between the sender and the recipients. Most of your digital marketing is going to be made with a wider audience in mind, hoping to convert broad viewership into sales. Email marketing has a more intimate, honed in approach, as these recipients have at some point expressed interest in the goods and services of the business sending out the email. You can reach out to them with special promotions or offer discounts that only they can enjoy. You can follow up on a previous purchase by soliciting buyer feedback or suggesting similar items, offer discount codes to entice further transactions, or simply acknowledge the changing of seasons or arrival of a holiday. Like with content marketing, the marketing aspect of your email can occasionally take a backseat to the content of the messaging in the interest of cultivating brand image and awareness. But, also as with content marketing, the balancing act of your email marketing approach can be a tenuous tightrope. Market too hard, and you may end up unsubscribed to or languishing in the spam folder. To best determine how to employ email in your digital marketing strategy, contact today to get the most out of your regular email updates.

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