Cause marketing is when you align your business’ marketing message with a social cause or nonprofit organization. This could coincide with a new business initiative, or it could signal that your business is taking a stand for something it considers a core value. Cause marketing can be a long-term project that your business takes part in as a new strategy going forward, or it can be a series of one-off events and projects in collaboration with others seeking to make progress in these humanitarian causes. Examples of cause marketing include but are not limited to fundraising initiatives aligned with the sales of existing products, product launches in conjunction with days commemorating ongoing societal struggles, or incentivizing purchases with matching charitable action on the part of the seller. Cause marketing can be implemented in large or small form factors as well, be they themed events and long-term promotions, or simple prompts at a store checkout encouraging a customer to add an amount to their purchase in service to a specific cause. When aligning your marketing with a cause, it is important to consider the relevance of your business to said cause, as well as the greater widespread interest or public investment in that cause. You want to make sure that the pairing of a given cause with your business makes sense, and that the cause itself is something that would spur additional interest in your business while doing tangible good for the cause in question. Raising money to fight specific diseases or thwart poverty in certain communities are the sorts of causes that many potential customers can get behind.

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