A direct mail strategy is a way businesses take advantage of the effectiveness of marketing collateral that is mailed directly to the households of customers and prospects. A well-designed direct mail strategy benefits from personalized consumer data to target a direct mail campaign more effectively and build messaging around customization and relevance. It allows marketers to target specific areas based on demographic and psychographic information and consumer behavior data from first or third-party sources. Innovations in variable data printing let businesses develop personalized communications and individualized messaging in every direct mail piece. This in turn builds a strong brand impression and provides a personal touch that recipients trust. Direct mail can be integrated into digital campaigns allowing businesses to reach consumers on a more intimate and tangible level and encourages action on websites and social media platforms.

The success of a direct mail strategy hinges on a well-defined picture of the prospect and understanding of the value your prospect will find in the direct mail piece you send. Many organizations, particularly nonprofits, include personalized gifts like return address labels, pens, calendars, or wrapping paper. Another favored component of effective direct mail strategies includes personalized postcards with a compelling call to action (CTA). Software programs exist to make cards appear handwritten and more meaningful. Integrating a QR code that bridges the physical with digital content into a direct mail strategy can lead to a fuller experience for the prospect and a seamless transition to a landing page or product video. Effective direct mail strategies often take advantage of the tactile nature of direct mail and include pop-up mail pieces or lumpy mail. Direct mail strategies can include promotional incentives like coupons, loyalty cards, and discount offers. Creative marketers are also using the direct mail piece itself as a special gift when it can be repurposed as a bookmark, coaster, or a unique DIY kit. What they all have in common is a knowledge of the prospect, a strong CTA, and an offer the prospect will find valuable and act on. To discover more about developing an effective direct mail strategy, follow Marketing.com’s Comprehensive Direct Mail Guide.

Direct Mail Marketing Guide

Our direct mail marketing guide provides marketers, B2B, B2C, ecommerce, and small businesses with comprehensive knowledge on what direct mail is, how to structure direct mail campaigns, and the importance of integrating direct mail with all your digital and social media channels. Need help developing a direct mail marketing campaign? Contact us today.

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