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There are two types of franchise marketing: operational franchise marketing and franchise development marketing. This reflects the fact that franchises, in order to be successful, must attract two distinct groups of customers.

Through franchise development marketing, a franchisor works to continually attract talented people who are passionate about breaking out of the nine-to-five lifestyle and will embrace the opportunities that running the franchise model offers. To grow, franchisors must appeal to potential franchisees with a strong and proven business concept that can easily be replicated to help avoid the potential concerns that small business owners face when operating alone. This material and content should clearly define franchise advantages, be delivered in a format that meets potential franchisee preferences, and it should extol benefits and value that separate the franchise from the competition.

Operational franchise marketing strategies cover all the support franchisees can expect. This type of marketing establishes and maintains franchise brand consistency across all markets and every location. It can be challenging for franchisors to maintain, create, coordinate, and collaborate on marketing strategies with local franchisees.

It’s vital that franchise marketing strategies balance the need for a consistent brand image with the flexibility to adapt to local market conditions and consumer preferences. The specific mix of marketing strategies may vary based on the franchise's industry, size, and goals, but should include a focus on social media marketing, web page development, email marketing, and best local SEO practices to increase the visibility of the franchisee. Consistent print marketing, direct mail campaigns, and signage also help franchisees target messaging to attract customers and spread awareness through local markets.

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