The most effective promotional products are ones that a person will value. It also helps if they serve some practical purpose to their recipients. Promotional products are very effective when they support other marketing initiatives and campaigns. Sponsoring a community event like a walk-a-thon or art fair usually includes the opportunity for a company to distribute promotional products that align their brand with a worthy cause. Popular event promotional products are hats, t-shirts, key chains and koozies. In the office, campaigns like employee wellness programs have a more lasting effect and help increase productivity when promotional products are tied into a theme. In this case, scented candles, rest and relaxation kits and water bottles are popular. At trade shows and exhibitions, free giveaways increase booth traffic and help businesses get remembered by the person who received the product. When considering what sorts of items to share, give significant consideration to writing instruments, reusable bags, USB drives, calendars, and other office accessories. Tying in promotional products with marketing campaigns boosts long-term brand awareness and continues to have promotional value long after they’ve been given away.

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