There are several considerations to take when considering how your business should be leveraging social media. First, you want to consider what platforms will yield your best results. Many businesses take a scattershot approach, establishing presences across all social networks. While this works for some, having consistent, quality presences across so many platforms could be a lot to undertake without the right social team in place. Start simple. Determine the social media platforms that your customers use. For instance, at the moment TikTok may be all the rage and you might be tempted to post content there. However, if your audience tends to skew older and favor Facebook, then no matter how wonderful the content you share on TikTok it will never be seen by the people who use your products or services. Another consideration is your type of business. LinkedIn has proven to be successful social media platform for B2B companies, but B2C businesses will have greater success using Twitter, Pinterest or TikTok. Focus on one or two of the platforms where you can expect to have the best results, making a genuine effort to use the platform as intended and to your benefit, until you are ready to take on more. Secondly, you want to consider what sort of brand presence you are cultivating on your platforms of choice. Does it suit your business to keep things strictly professional and sales oriented? Does it make sense for your brand to participate in the latest viral challenge? Are you comfortable being one of the “funny” brands? Find out what lane makes the most sense for you and commit to it, at least until you can gauge the effectiveness of your current approach, because your third consideration will be to weigh the impact your approach has had. If your chosen tact is not yielding the results you hoped for, it is never too late to pivot to a strategy that better suits your brand’s online presence. Pick a tactic, give it a genuine effort, and study the results it yields. Adaptability is the name of the game when it comes to using social media.

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