Social media marketing has several benefits that may make it a more than worthwhile component of your digital marketing strategy. First, it can be relatively inexpensive to get started, at its most basic requiring little more than a free account with a social media platform and a smartphone. Of course, most companies want to create content that is professional and speaks to their brand, but social media campaigns don’t have to break the bank. It’s a wonderful way to spread brand awareness because the people who like and share your posts with others are essentially your biggest advocates and trusted by their followers. Think positive word-of-mouth on steroids. Because social media is about building relationships and not overtly sales-oriented, the information shared is viewed as being more helpful, credible and trusted as well. When customers engage with social media, there is a sense that they are being listened to, that their input matters and they feel more like part of a community than just a customer. And companies that “listen” to their customers through social media are able to create content that addresses their concerns, interests and opinions. Social media also allows companies to “let their hair down” and show a human side that people can more readily relate to. Photos, videos, and humor are all welcome in your social presence if they align with your brand and generate greater engagement, and you are welcome to experiment with whatever types of posts work best for your brand and audience. If you are able to hire someone who can knowledgably understand and utilize these platforms, then you are already at a great starting point. Social media marketing is rapidly becoming its own domain of expertise, and we at are prepared to help you craft a social media strategy that makes the most sense for you.

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