The answer to ‘how do you print a brochure’ is answering the question ‘how many brochures do you need to print’. Businesses use brochures to share important features and benefits with their target audience using colorful photos or graphics and short descriptive written content, usually on coated paper for a professional look. Types of brochures include rack cards, rack brochures, multi-page brochures, trifold brochures and z-fold brochures. Many business printers might be able to handle printing brochures in small batches but the quality will lack consistency and the eventual cost and time will factor into the effectiveness of the piece. With a quick search on the internet, it’s easy to find companies that provide brochure design templates, or companies that have the option to upload a pre-designed brochure to the company site for printing and finishing (such as folding, binding or stapling). These projects typically use commercial digital printers to keep costs low and turn the job around quickly. For the best results, commercial offset printing provides the highest quality and makes the most sense for large volume print jobs.

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