Retail displays are a vital component used to drive interest and sales for stores and restaurants. However, because retail signage is a passive form of advertising, determining whether the display is meeting objectives can be difficult. Fortunately, a retail display’s effectiveness can be measured both objectively, using key metrics, and/or subjectively, based on observation and opinion.

One important gauge of success is comparing before-and-after display sales figures to see if the signage is making an impact with customers. Tracking inventory movement for advertised or promoted goods can also help determine if shoppers are taking notice. Determining return-on-investment (ROI) by comparing the costs of creating and producing the signage versus the revenue generated can also be a useful metric.

As more displays begin to incorporate technologies that encourage customer interaction, it’s possible to measure things like dwell time and engagements to evaluate success. On the subjective side, look at increases in foot traffic, listen to customer comments about signage attractiveness and appeal, and follow social media channels to monitor mentions and likes.

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