Creating greater awareness begins with understanding the audience you want to reach with your brand and business. A good first step is looking at the customers you have and their behavior to then build out your model target audience from there. With a clearer picture of the type of people you want to reach, it’s much easier to develop a strategy for connecting with a wider community of customers. That strategy should then take into account the marketing channels – print, direct mail, digital and social media – your customers use to research and make purchases. Chances are you’ll discover they use more than one. Print marketing and direct mail are effective generating exposure for businesses who want to market locally while digital, including email, and social media are useful attracting new and holding onto existing customers. It’s also important to track and measure what’s working and what isn’t and then adjust accordingly. Omnichannel marketing, in particular, allows for marketing flexibility and the ability to, for instance, use email and your website to promote an event on social media that draws new customers and generates revenue from an online storefront. The ways a business can market themselves are countless. You need to find the right marketing solution that you can count on.

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