Promotional products have been shown to increase sales through a variety of factors. For one, they are an innovative way to promote your brand and message buy proliferating it through a variety of items sporting your iconography. Through their regular usage in common spaces, you assure frequent exposure of your business to new and recurring eyeballs, making people aware of your business while reminding others. This repeated exposure assures people remember the name of your business and what it is that you do. The more people are exposed to your brand, the more likely one of those exposures is going to convert into a costumer or purchase. Simply by increasing your exposure levels, you increase the odds that more of these exposures will translate into transactions. You may think that such frequent exposure may have the opposite effect, possibly turning people away from your band through overexposure. This is where the nature of your product will be of great help, because the practical purpose of your promotional product will likely be of some benefit to its recipient; that branded pen may become someone’s go-to, reliable writing implement, or a piece of apparel could endear itself to its recipient. Promotional product on its own already feels like a gift, creating a positive association between a business and a recipient of promotional product. But if your promotional product becomes a fixture in someone’s life, the item in question becomes free promotion for the duration of its lifespan while further endearing the brand to the user.

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