The Challenge 

One of the original meal kit companies currently operates 4 different brands each with its own distinct range of offerings. Their rapid expansion throughout Europe and eventually into the US brought challenges with it in the way of supplier issues and quality control.   

The company struggled with editorial issues in printed materials, lack of cohesion in the overall color and tone of the materials. The quality of the materials was lacking, and missed deadlines were the norm.  

In mid-2020, they needed to correct the course. performed a “full on marketing assault” written in record time to identify their pain points: 

  • No collaborative proofing tool 
  • Missed distribution deadlines 
  • Quality control 

The Solution 

Following our audit, assigned a national account team that included national logistics to serve 8 distribution centers (DCs) across the country. 

Production took place inside 2 geographically placed print and fulfillment plants with additional redundant locations in place to ensure business continuity. developed a custom workflow and solution to meet the needs identified in the customer audit:

  • Collaborative proofing with quick turnaround
  • A unified brand identity that matched color specs, using G7 Colorspace designation to ensure consistent, targeted color on all materials
  • Attentive, approachable customer service
  • Ease of use 
  • Supplier awareness 
  • Growth opportunities, such as partnerships with celebrity chefs including David Burtka, Mandy Moore, and Mindy Kaling 

Results has provided flawless weekly large-scale print & distribution as this customer’s marketing partner since 2020.  Our seamless collaborative proofing provides this customer with quick 4 hour turns in editorial production, which has drastically impacted their workflow and speed to market. Utilizing multiple print and fulfillment production locations across the country, we are able to utilize our strategic locations to cut the timeframe to market.  

Unified branding, quality control, and proofing challenges are solved with!

If this success story has you considering the impact could have on your business or project, please contact us to learn more about our unique problem-solving approaches.