Since 1883, our customer has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality paints, stains, and protective coatings, with operations in both the United States and Canada.  Their products are sold through independently owned retailers, including specialized paint-and-decorating centers, hardware stores, and retailers’ cooperatives. has been meeting this client’s retail signage needs for windows signs and in-store displays for many of its locations since 2019.

The Situation

The client had grown frustrated with their US signage supplier due to slow turnaround times of more than a month on rush orders for their Canadian stores. The company was also experiencing problems due to delays moving shipments across the border and suffered from inefficient distribution practices once the orders arrived in the country.

They turned to for answers.

The Solution established efficient cross-border processes which eliminated delays importing orders into the country and streamlined distribution and kitting services that reduced the need for excessive handling that was slowing things down once orders arrived.

The Result

Their retail sign product rollout with as their U.S. manufacturer and distributor was a complete success. Further programs followed:

  • Increased their ability to initiate new store-wide promotions and get their signage into stores faster.
  • Saved weeks on rush orders as a result of more efficient exporting and importing protocols.
  • Adhered to rigorous brand guidelines and language requirements for signage production.
  • A 100% success rate for a rollout of 9,000 kits without a single request for replacement or report of damaged goods. provides indoor advertising solutions that include countertop displays and window banners, as well as light and shadow boxes at retail locations across the U.S. and Canada.