Our customer is a luxury hotel brand comprised of 26 distinctive, pet-friendly properties across the United States and Canada. Within each property, multiple silos exist: 

  • Marketing: Corporate + Property 
  • Back of House: Housekeeping, Maintenance, Security 
  • Front of House: Front Desk, Valet/Bell Desk 
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Spa 
  • Meetings + Events 

After using the same supplier for 20 years, the customer knew it had outgrown their services. They were looking for a national partner who could handle everything for all locations and departments in their properties in a single space with quick speed to market. 

The Challenge 

Corporate marketing placed an emphasis on print quality throughout all departments. They were struggling to maintain brand consistency across the properties as well as controlling rogue spending. An e-procurement system was needed that allowed for permissions visibility by user, as well as single-sign on (SSO)/punchout capabilities. One system needed to meet the needs of corporate marketing, as well as the individual needs at each property and in each department.

The Solution 

Marketing.com’s Dot SaaS marketing automation platform brought all their marketing purchases under one roof with a goal of saving money and eliminating one-off calls to marketing and purchasing. Each property and each department logged into the same platform with views specific to their needs. All items were corporate marketing approved, offering brand consistency and quality control on all products ordered. Our platform provided comprehensive reporting to provide visibility to spending at a property level and saved costs by leveraging contract pricing for items and issuing only one check per month using summary billing. 


The chronic brand standard issues were resolved by launching a user-friendly system that quickly gained high property adoption. We have implemented several platform enhancements to meet their specific needs, and their catalog now stands at 250+ unique users across 30 US properties and contains over 700 catalog items!