The Challenge 

Our client, a pet insurance provider, launched in the middle of a global pandemic in New York City. Taking a holistic approach, our client offers competitive private and commercial pet health insurance plans that also offer preventative care so pet owners can help their pets stay healthy year-round.  

Touting themselves as the “World’s most fun pet insurance”, they formed an alliance with the nonprofit Animal Haven and created fun campaigns like the Furbes 30 under 30, celebrating pets who have made a difference in their owners’ lives. Despite their efforts, they still needed an efficient way that resonated with their target audience (comprised primarily of millennials) to make their name known in the marketplace. They turned to for help.

The Solution 

The customer was focused on custom direct mail and dynamic marketing pilots using posters, brochures and cards with unique QR codes. They approached knowing they needed to hit the COVID-weary market hard with weekly marketing campaigns and fun promotional items, including welcome kits.  

They looked to us to provide high-touch customer service for their goal of channel growth through veterinary offices and private insurance companies and deliver on services such as: 

  • Pick & Pack Distribution 
  • Broad Print & Promo 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Signage 

Quality control was the top priority as the customer required hard copy proofs. Welcome kits contained anywhere from 5 to 39 unique pieces and included a variety of printed items such as brochures, postcards, posters, mailers, signage, banners, thank you cards, and pads – that required exact custom kitting. Promo Items such as point of purchase brochure holders, custom leashes, yard signs, banners, branded scrubs, and stickers were also included in the kits. 


The campaign started with weekly kits in packs of 6 to 200 along with mass distributions of 500 recipients. We were able to produce and deliver the entire campaign with a 98.7% on-time delivery rate. 

Since partnering with in 2020, our customer has seen their annual revenue reach $25 million, and they have increased spending with year over year as the program has grown.

If this success story has you considering the impact that our managed services could have on your business or project, please contact us to learn more about our unique problem-solving approaches.