The Challenge

Our client is a leading global information, data and measurement firm, which operates in over 100 countries and employs approximately 44,000 people worldwide. The company relies on real consumers to provide data about what audiences watch, listen, and buy.

In order to incentivize participation, the company sends diaries stuffed with dollar bills for consumers to log their TV viewing habits.  Each package must be matched, metered, and mailed in a highly secure setting. After years of stuffing the packages by hand, they needed to automate the process.

The Solution

The nature of this program involved handling of live money on the floor in a highly secured area, precise match mailing, and monthly postage incentive, and specialized inventory reports. saw their need for efficiencies through a highly-secured area; we implemented strict security and quality control measures to ensure accuracy and security of the mailings.

Our Automated Production tracking software guaranteed accuracy of mail matches, up to 4 ways, and the work was performed in a secure area under 24-hour surveillance to ensure the money was properly handled.


The success of the automated mailing program led to the addition of other programs that had previously been handled by the client in-house but could no longer be sustained due to rapid growth. The success of this initial program led to subsequent direct mail campaigns managed by What began as a mailing to 19 markets quickly expanded to 40 and is tracking to reach 60 markets. provides production redundancy for every project – this means that we can always utilize another print production and fulfillment location within the platform to pick up and continue the job without interruption. This is a unique service that can provide that others cannot, we take the time to understand the client’s business.  

If this success story has you considering the impact that direct mail could have on your business or project, please contact us to learn more about our unique problem-solving approaches.