Have Confidence That You’ll Get The Highest Level Of Color Quality And Consistency Available

Marketing.com’s G7 Master Qualification ensures that all your printed materials display the same color consistency that you expect when your design goes to print. With our integrated color management system, we make sure that your brand produces that identical impact you’re after from any output device regardless of substrate, printing device, or number of reprints for all of your marketing collateral.

We adhere to the professional standards, specifications, and workflows established by Idealliance, a print industry non-profit organization that is dedicated to guiding media production best practices, specifications, and standards. Idealliance sets highly technical printing device calibrations to demonstrate excellence in grayscale neutrality, targeted ink measurements for primary and secondary colors, and the accurate matching of colors to the G7 color spectrum. The result is the highest level of color precision available for every print run, at every location, and for all of your brochures, direct mail, packaging, and promotional materials.

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The designs for all your printed material look great on the computer screen, where you have total control over the management of the colors you’ll be using. Now it’s important to maintain that quality when it’s time to print, with color, images, text, and borders looking exactly the same regardless of the printer they’re produced on. That’s what G7 qualification delivers: no matter if your material is printed on a digital or an offset press or whether you’re printing on coated or uncoated paper, synthetic paper, fabric, wood, metal, or other substrates.

Marketing.com achieves consistency across multiple printers by applying G7 certification specifications to guarantee your color reproduction is exact and accurate. We understand and follow best practices to overcome the challenges that can arise when more than one printer is used, or marketing content is produced at multiple locations across the country. We invest in state-of-the art color measurement instruments and software to stay abreast of new procedures and developments in G7 standards. G7 allows Marketing.com to precisely match a customer’s brand color requirements on a variety of printed products from any technology and application, ensuring your marketing collateral is always on brand.

What G7 Certification Means to Your Business

G7 qualification demonstrates our commitment to making sure your reds, blues, oranges, yellows and other colors are always aligned exactly with your brand and design criteria. Your color choices remain consistent and the same shade from the first proof to the final print. We ensure entire process from design to print run goes smoother with color accuracy from the start. We also give you the confidence that every print run, regardless of size or device, will come out looking great.

  • G7 Grayscale Compliance focuses on achieving a neutral gray balance for 3-color primary colors and black density through measurement and inspection.
  • G7 Targeted Compliance enhances grayscale compliance by adding solid ink measurements for primary and secondary colors and adjusting the press to achieve desired outcomes.
  • G7 Color Compliance is the highest level of G7 compliance and demonstrates that we achieve and maintain quality across the entire color space.
  • With G7 Colorspace compliance, Marketing.com has achieved the most stringent qualification. G7 Colorspace includes all the requirements of the G7 Targeted level (and therefore the G7Grayscale level) and adds the matching to an entire Reference Print Condition.

G7 Colorspace demonstrates that we maintain extremely tight tolerances throughout the whole color space consistently reproducing the entire color space, and not just the primaries and secondaries (CMY and RGB).

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