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If there is one thing about the pandemic that we can all agree on, it’s that it permanently altered the way we show up for work. Being in lockdown taught us that we could be just as productive working from home as we were in the office. Remote work created opportunities for workers to find jobs in cities without having to relocate.  On the flip side, it created a wider candidate pool for employers without the relocation costs. Once the dust settled, many companies permanently shifted from staunch in-person working policies to allow employees to transition to hybrid or fully remote arrangements.

Gradually, a new normal was established and over time, business travel has returned. With that, an emerging trend is on the rise – Bleisure Travel!

Bleisure Travel, also known as workcations, refers to trips that mix business with leisure elements and it is quickly becoming a hot commodity in the hospitality world. This is not a new Covid-induced phenomenon – it had been gaining traction for a while proving it is possible to travel for work, do your job, and still create space for fun. A survey in a report published by Hilton stated that 40% of business travelers surveyed planned to take bleisure trips in 2023. That same survey found that the length of stay for business travelers increased in 2022, on average by 1.5 days.

It is projected that 40.7 million Americans will be fully remote by 2026. This flexibility allows people to literally take their work on the road. How can you best accommodate this new type of traveler? Here are 5 ways your property can embrace and support the Laptop Luggers.

1. ALL the Amenities.

Start with Wi-Fi. And not just any Wi-Fi. It has to be fast, free, strong, and secure. Reliable Wi-Fi can make or break a productive day for workers, especially if they are on a lot of conference calls throughout the day. Along with the amazing Wi-Fi, your bleisure travelers need a place where they can focus and be productive – after all, if they get their work done, they have more time to explore the area! Showcasing private, well-equipped conference rooms and digital workspaces are attractive amenities to bleisure travelers. Adding flexible check-in and check-out options (preferably within your hotel app) is an easy way to increase guest satisfaction. Giving your bleisure travelers more control over their options makes their experience more convenient, especially if they have early morning or late evening business meetings.

Re-equip your property to embrace #bleisurelife

One resort is offering easy access to technology-centered workspaces as well as a plethora of leisure activities, including casinos, concerts, entertainment, and 40 places to drink and dine!

Fully embracing the Bleisure lifestyle, another resort implemented a Work at Leisure program. The property is located in a natural desert setting with fully equipped guest rooms for everything one would need to support remote work and focus on health and wellness.

2. Package it Up and Make it Easy to Extend the Stay.

According to Expedia, 50% of two-three night business stays turn into extended bleisure trips where travelers explore more of the area. Offer flexible booking or extension options or short stay bleisure packages, giving discounts for extra nights booked. Aim for a personalized experience (more on this in a minute) by providing them with information on nearby attractions and activities that they might be interested in, further increasing the chances that they will return on another trip—and bring a travel companion!

3. Host Networking Events.

Business travelers often attend large conferences and have a desire to connect with other professionals in their field. Open up your bar or a section in your hotel restaurant to host networking events or happy hours that allow bleisure travelers to meet and connect with others. Invite entrepreneurs and freelancers within the community to mix and mingle with your guests in order to create a sense of community for bleisure travelers and help them feel more connected to the destination. Promote your events with signage in your lobby and add an interactive element with QR codes that guests can scan to learn more about upcoming events.

4. Speak to Their Interests.

This almost goes without saying, but it is absolutely crucial to know your guests. The more you know about them, the better you can serve their needs and have a leg up on your competitors. In the highly competitive hospitality industry, the smallest details can make or break a guest’s loyalty. Provide customized recommendations to your bleisure travelers based on their interests and preferences, while keeping in mind that they are still there to get work done. Try to find events that won’t conflict with a work event such as recommendations for local attractions, restaurants, and activities that are suited to their taste.

5. Strut your Stuff! Show off Your Bleisure-Friendly Amenities in Your Marketing Materials.

If you want to attract more bleisure travelers, make your digital and printed marketing collateral reflect that goal. Include pictures of dedicated workspaces, fast WiFi, meeting rooms, and flexible check-in and check-out times. Implementing a direct mail campaign that drives people directly to a dedicated workcation landing page can show business travelers that you’ve got them covered for their next blended trip.

Whether you are a small, independent property or part of a national hotel chain, hospitality properties of all sizes are embracing the trend of blended travel. At Marketing.com, not only are we experts in all things marketing, but also the hospitality and gaming industry. We focus on creating efficient and scalable processes that put your marketing dollars to work for you. We are committed to understanding your unique needs, requirements, and outcomes – partnering with you to drive your success.

If you’re ready to begin your “bleisure marketing” campaign, let us help you through the process of reaching the “Laptop Luggers” and bringing them to your property!

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