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Casino floor gamblers (Boomers) are aging out—and they aren’t being replaced. Traditional casino games (slot machines in particular) bring in 75% of all gambling revenue in US-based casinos. These traditional casino games are taking a big hit. Millennials simply don’t have an interest in traditional casino games. Slot machines in Nevada account for a whopping 80% of total casino gaming revenue, however, 70% of that slot revenue comes from players 55+, and most of them are between 60 and 70 years old. Players aged between 20 and 30 make up the smallest share and they aren’t gravitating toward slot machines anytime soon.

It's not that millennials don’t like gaming; they do! According to Nielsen’s 2019 report Millennials on Millennials, two in three millennials in the United States play video games every month. Video games mean connection and this generation is determined to be connected. Slot machines are primarily a solitary activity with no real challenge or strategy. This generation much prefers the interactive, social element to gaming. They still want to win, but it’s not necessarily about winning as much as it is about the connection. Gambling itself does not have the same appeal to millennials as it does to their boomer parents.

What exactly is the younger generation interested in? The appeal isn’t so much the casino itself as much as the other “stuff” in there. Millennials come for a brief reprieve from their lives as parents and professionals. They come for live entertainment and nightclubs; swanky yet affordable accommodations, buffets, and poolside drinks with their partner or friends. In short, they come for the experiences.

So how can you get their attention?

  • Move away from traditional casino floor game advertisements, especially for slot machines. Millennials will scroll right by them or simply throw them away.
  • Put the focus on table games, like Baccarat and Blackjack, where they can play with other people.
  • Instead of slot machines, promote digital games that look like arcade games.
  • Engage them! Millennials have been playing video games and online games for as long as they can remember and the games have almost always been interactive, allowing connection to other players, challenging players to strategize, level up, and beat opponents.
  • Millennials arrive to be with friends and have fun. Appeal to them by promoting your communal areas that elevate dining or allow guests to see shows or concerts. Creative entertainment such as fantasy sports or virtual reality experiences are also great ways to get attention.
  • Don’t worry about a lot of frills—be transparent in your offers and make it personal.

Now that you have our attention, here’s how to connect the dots to get Millennials to go into your casino:

  • Study and watch behaviors, analyze your data, and segment your message accordingly.  Use loyalty programs to collect player behavior and then layer on data that includes demographic info to help you understand what motivates them and where they’ll spend their money. This will help you create the right message that should be sent to which guests.
  • Don’t “sell” to millennials - they can smell that coming a mile away. Yes, advertise and market, but give a solid call to action. Direct Mail is a great way to reach guests in a personalized manner to guests' needs and interests. Millennial attention span is short—keep it image heavy with less copy and you’re more likely to get a response.
  • Get on social! Tie your social campaign to your direct mail campaign. Every social platform will give you measurable results. If millennials like what they see, they will share it with their friends, further expanding your reach. Everything can be directed to your website and unique landing pages. The traditional casino floor games are still quite profitable, but if you’re looking to appeal to the younger generation, shifting toward technology-centered, entertainment-focused platforms is going to get more of the millennial through your doors and onto your gaming floors.

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