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Marketing.com redefines office buildings and business locations through a simple and easy fix: dimensional letters! Dimensional lettering transforms your company’s logo or tagline into a three-dimensional sign, delivering a high visual impact and announcing your business to your customers and visitors. Connecting with your audience has never been easier.

Dimensional signage is a type of signage that creates depth and dimension using various materials and techniques. This type of signage is becoming increasingly popular for businesses looking to make a statement and stand out from the competition.

Signage as Unique as Your Business

Dimensional letters can be made from acrylic, wood or foam but are most often made from aluminum, which is incredibly versatile and can be crafted into almost any shape you can imagine. It is lightweight, sustainable, inexpensive, and rust proof, making it a great option for both indoor and outdoor signage. Used indoors, dimensional letters can be placed strategically to cast natural shadows, garnering more attention. Outdoors, you can even add LED lighting above or below your dimensional letters for added visibility.

The location of your dimensional letters is also important. Consider where your signage will be placed and how it will be viewed. Will it be viewed from a distance or up close? Will it be placed outdoors or indoors? The location of your signage will influence the size, shape, and design of your dimensional letters.

Lighting can enhance the visibility and impact of your dimensional signage. Choose the right lighting for your signage, taking into consideration the location and time of day. Backlit or front-lit signage can create a dramatic effect and make your signage stand out.

Ready to take dimensional letters off your plate? Connect with a Marketing.com signage expert to upgrade your building signage with dimensional lettering.

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