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Social media marketing is the use of social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to strengthen your web presence and marketing push.  Social media lets businesses create constructive dialogues that are helpful and relevant to customers. It can be entertaining or educational, and, in many cases the less “salesy” the content the better. While traditional methods may require a more disciplined, sales-oriented, professional voice, social media offers your brand the opportunity to soften its forward-facing presence by speaking in a more approachable, conversational tone.  A presence on social media allows you to be where customers are when they are not necessarily looking to be sold to.  How you utilize this opportunity is critical; regular engagement on social platforms can do more for the impression you make than your usual marketing materials.  Social channels are regularly updated, so you will be able to get your message out more frequently and in a variety of creative ways.  A lot of brands have seen success on social media by tapping into the creativity of their social media managers, whether that be through artwork, photography, video, or humor.  Your social media presence can add dimensionality to your brand.  It is your chance to be more than a company, but a social entity as well.  It could be a lot to take on; you’re in business for your business.  This extra creative burden may be more than you signed up for.  But it’s also why Marketing.com exists.  If you want to focus on running the best business you can, we can help shoulder the burden of your social channels.  Our contact form is only one click away.

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