Direct mail automation allows marketers and businesses to streamline the creation, production, and delivery of direct mail campaigns through SaaS direct mail platforms. As a result of innovations in variable data printing for greater personalization of marketing collateral and advances in AI for accurate data segmentation and analysis, it has become easier to target and customize messaging to audiences with greater precision. Direct mail automation managed and monitored through an easy-to-use dashboard offers the ability to synchronize multichannel marketing strategy with WebAR and QR code print solutions. Digital and social channels can be integrated seamlessly into print campaigns. Most professional printers have the advanced printing and production technologies to provide streamlined direct mail automation to handle the design, print, addressing, and postage of mailings for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Direct Mail Marketing Guide

Our direct mail marketing guide provides marketers, B2B, B2C, ecommerce, and small businesses with comprehensive knowledge on what direct mail is, how to structure direct mail campaigns, and the importance of integrating direct mail with all your digital and social media channels. Need help developing a direct mail marketing campaign? Contact us today.

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