Content marketing is the creation and sharing of blogs, videos, tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn articles, emails and other content that engages, but does not necessarily sell. It’s an age-old axiom that people love to buy but hate to be sold to. Content marketing’s value lies in the fact that whether entertaining or educational, it is not a blatant attempt to make a sale. Content marketing puts content first and marketing second. Content can be videos, blogs, social media posts, and more, employing these means of engagement in a way that does not immediately feel like advertising. It is this subtle approach that can make a brand seem more personable and approachable. The irony of this is that, by making the marketing less apparent, brands are actually able to hold attention spans longer and increase sales. Your creativity and cleverness, or your ability to collaborate on sponsored content, is going to be of great importance when devising your content marketing strategy but striking the right balance between salesmanship and engagement can be quite the daunting challenge. Market too softly, and you are merely creating entertainment that generates no sales. Market too firmly, and all you have made is another advertisement. Luckily, we at are experts at traversing this tightrope. Contact us today to discover how you can leverage content to drive inbound traffic, generate leads and ultimately grow a loyal customer base.

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