POD stands for Print On Demand , a print method that gives businesses the flexibility to print marketing collateral in small batches, eliminating the need for large print runs and unnecessary pre-printed marketing collateral inventory. POD can be triggered by customer behavior and life events. Mailings can be sent to reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase conversions with coupons, and attract new customers with ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ mailings. POD drives loyalty reward programs with personalized welcome packets, milestone awards, and reward redemption opportunities. Used with variable data printing, POD makes every communication relevant for customers and identified audiences. Marketing promotions can be managed with a through-channel automated platform like Marketing.com’s Dot ™ to reduce inventory costs and lower turnaround times for both printing and shipping. POD allows businesses to scale up marketing efforts and customize promotions according to demand, while tailoring promotions to reach audiences with direct mail and marketing material of value and significance.

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