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There are essentially three types of commercial printing methods. Offset Lithography is the traditional printing method that applies wet ink to the surface of an image on a printing plate. That image is then subsequently transferred to a blanket roller that is then transferred onto the desired material. Offset printing results in consistent, high-quality printing with color vibrancy and sharp images. It’s an ideal method for high-volume projects as costs per printed items decrease as quantity increases. Commercial digital printing is the most cost-effective commercial printing method when businesses are looking for quick turnarounds for small print projects. A digital-based image, such as a PDF file, can be sent directly to the printing press. Since the originating print document is in a digital format, the file can be saved and used for print-on-demand projects. In addition, variable data printing allows businesses the ability to personalize every printed piece. Large format commercial printing is used for oversized items that attract attention, even from a distance. Large format printing uses the same techniques as a digital printer at a larger size. Large print format products are often used for outdoor advertising when businesses want durable materials like vinyl, canvas and even metal or wood that can withstand the elements.

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