Our client, a large university, was on a mission to explore new and interesting technology in the marketplace that could take a traditional direct mail piece, expand on it, and connect it with a digital platform.

The university needed a unique way to communicate and connect with new incoming students on a personal level using technology that was familiar to the students. They came to, experts at combining print with interactive and immersive experiences.

Connecting print to digital and leveraging the power of a digital marketing message with the analytics available from’s SaaS Marketing Through Channel platform, Dot, providing marketers a stronger connection and better understanding of their customers.


Together we made history as the first school to implement a project utilizing emerging AR technology in a direct mail piece. The client communicated they had two different upcoming student mailings that would be a perfect match for this technology and direct mail combination.Utilizing’s WebAR technology, each student would be allowed to scan a personalized QR code located on the outside of the mailer.

Scanning the QR code would open a customized splash page that would display their name from the registration list, creating a personalized touch in a digital space. Key to the client’s targeted AR direct mail campaign is’s dynamic personalized WebAR solution, Augmented Reality that is available immediately without the installation of an application.

This technology connects students by way of an interactive augmented reality experience that includes:

  • A unique QR code
  • Connection to a personalized landing page
  • A professionally produced introduction video
  • Access to more pertinent information about
  • Orientation procedures and program enrollment on the OSU website


A seamless, engaging, super convenient, as well as memorable experienceIn addition to the digital experience offered,’s Augmented Reality solution provides detailed data and tracking options. The future of this technology is using the analytics provided to increase market penetration through omnichannel marketing and controlled ad placement. At the university, as incoming students interact with their personalized WebAR experience, the university uses tracking data (such as when and where individual students access the university’s AR content and the website to get more information) to tailor its direct mail campaign’s metrics to better adjust and optimize the student experience according to user preferences.

The client’s Marketing & Communications – Department of Brand Management shared,

“[We] are very excited about its newest project with In the competitive and ever-changing landscape we’re in, we believe AR will play a key role with our target audience moving forward. We’re excited to share our hard work in a different medium that will get students excited to see what our school has to offer. We’re always looking to add a more personal feel to our communications, and we believe this new project will be the perfect combination for sharing our message. We couldn’t be more excited to begin sharing it.”

If you’re looking to take your business’s traditional print marketing to the next level by incorporating Augmented Reality, don’t hesitate to contact to schedule a consultation.