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Over the past 40 years, the only thing declared dead more than direct mail is the fictional film character Michael Myers from the Halloween horror movie series. This is especially true in an age when digital marketing through emails was supposed to push direct mail into the dustbins of time. But like the hard-to-kill horror movie antagonist, the rumors of its demise continue to be premature.

This is especially true with the audience that is the most digitally connected generation in history – Millennials. We’re talking about an age group that seems to spend all their waking hours living on their phones - checking email and social messaging and sharing digital content. On the surface, devoting direct mail campaigns to this demographic of consumers would be a waste of money and time. However, nothing could be further from the truth. According to the USPS, nearly 90% of Millennials enjoy receiving and reading direct mail content. The same study reported that 57% of Millennials receiving direct mail act on the offers presented to them.  

Why Direct Mail Works for Millennials

 There are several reasons that direct mail resonates so strongly with Millennials. The fact that direct mail comes only once a day makes it special. Millennials report enjoying going to their mailbox to see what exciting offer has come their way. According to MarketingCharts, 90% of Millennials think direct mail advertising is reliable and 75% of Millennials say that direct mail provides a sense of exclusiveness. In addition, direct mail gives them a greater sense of security as opposed to emails where personal data can be at risk.

For businesses, other reasons make direct mail an exciting and profitable way to connect with this age group:

  • Limited competition.  According to email receiving statistics, the average person receives over 100 emails per day. Compare that to the two direct mail pieces per day received by the average American household. Direct mail gives marketers the ability to stand out from the competition because there is less competition.
  • Direct mail gets read. The same USPS study referenced above also indicates that 88% of the mail recipients of the Millennial generation read through direct mail pieces. And not only that, but they spend more time reading mail (9.7 minutes) than Generation Z (7.9 minutes) and Baby Boomer generations (8 minutes). That’s a remarkable statistic when compared to the average of 10-15 seconds spent reading an email.
  • More room for the message.  The average smartphone screen is 6.3 inches. The USPS has increased the maximum size for mailing First-Class mail postcards from 4 ¼” x 6” to 6” x 9”. That gives postcards sent by direct mail more room to engage the audience with headlines, call-to-actions, images, and digital elements like QR codes. An email with the same elements would appear cluttered and be difficult to read.
  • Direct mail sticks around.  A 2019 study by Go Inspire Group revealed that the average direct mail piece has a shelf life of approximately 17 days. Direct mail spends more time sitting around where consumers can access and take advantage of offers longer than any other marketing medium. This gives Millennials more time to act on offers or calls to actions.

Ways to Make Direct Mail for Millennials More Effective

When developing direct mail campaigns targeting Millennials, there are several factors to keep in mind:

  • Keep the messaging short.   Over the last 20 years, according to Mailing Systems Technology, direct mail copy has decreased by 62%. This indicates a growing understanding that to be effective, pieces must become more scannable, use widely understood icons and design elements, incorporate digital response elements in call-to-actions and use white space more effectively.
  • Mix Direct Mail and Digital Response.  Use digital response links in direct mail content to send recipients to product or service videos or special offers on a website. Mailing pieces can contain a digital coupon that can be scanned at brick-and-mortar stores. Combining digital and direct mail efforts can lead to 40% conversion rates according to the USPS. 
  • Use Direct Mail Retargeting.  Businesses are seeing great results with Direct Mail Retargeting. It involves sending a personalized direct mail piece to a recent website visitor who abandoned a shopping cart or left the website before completing an action. Messaging can be highly personalized and offer incentives like coupons while enhancing brand value and creating a deeper connection with consumers.

Direct mail is giving businesses new and exciting ways to connect with Millennials and create deeper and better customer experiences. When used alone, or in tandem with other digital media, it can enhance brand recognition, establish trust or increase sales. Direct mail is proving to be a winner with Millennials.

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Why Direct Mail Works for Millennials